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Working from Home – 8 Tips for Success

In recent months, a growing number of global businesses around the world have announced plans to continue the option of working from home for everyone who wants to do so after the pandemic. But many people are struggling to work from home and they are not as productive as they were in the office. But […]

A Guide To A Seamless Video Conference

A Guide To A Seamless Video Conference—Infographic 1. Use The Mute Button As Soon As You're Done Talking Even though you're not speaking and there's complete silence, the background sound can be distracting for the rest of the members. 2. Choose The Right Software Make sure the tool you choose has collaborative features to add […]

Benefits and Tips for Working Remotely Infographic

Benefits and Tips for Working Remotely Infographic While working from home may seem like a far-fetched dream for some, it’s definitely become the norm for more and more people around the globe. Though non-remote workers may think having a home office would be a breeze, many remote employees say that it’s definitely not for everyone. […]