A Guide To A Seamless Video Conference

A Guide To A Seamless Video Conference

A Guide To A Seamless Video Conference—Infographic

1. Use The Mute Button As Soon As You're Done Talking

Even though you're not speaking and there's complete silence, the background sound can be distracting for the rest of the members.

2. Choose The Right Software

Make sure the tool you choose has collaborative features to add more engagement to your meeting.

3. Test The Equipment Setup Of Your Video Call

This way no technical glitch disrupts your meeting.

4. Be Sure Of Your Camera Angle

Check the angle of your laptop's camera before starting the video conference. If not positioned correctly, it can be distracting for the members.

5. Dress Up Properly

An untidy work area or you being dressed in an unappealing manner can leave a negative impression on the meeting members.

6. Pay Attention Even When You're Not Talking

Yawning, looking away from the screen, or doing another activity can seem rude on your behalf. Try paying more attention by looking at the screen even when someone else is talking.

7. Engage Like It's A Real Meeting

Share your feedback or take an active part in the discussion. The more members participate, the better the meeting outcomes are.

Via: https://insights.enablex.io/infographic-your-guide-to-a-seamless-video-conference/
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