Rapid eLearning Myths

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Why We Love Rapid eLearning Development: Myth Vs. Reality

Why We Love Rapid eLearning Development: Myth Vs. Reality—Infographic What is the difference between rapid and traditional eLearning? Rapid eLearning Development Rapid eLearning development cuts the time required for developing an online course by at least 40%. This translates into lower development costs, as the number of resources needed to develop the courses is reduced. […]

6 Myths Of Rapid eLearning

6 Myths Of Rapid eLearning–Infographic 1. Anybody Can Create Rapid eLearning Using Authoring Tools For learning to be effective it has to be based on sound Instructional Design principles. 2. Rapid eLearning Means Low Quality Rapid eLearning doesn't compromise on course quality—development speed is accelerated. 3. Rapid eLearning Means No Creativity Creative Instructional Design strategies […]