Why We Love Rapid eLearning Development: Myth Vs. Reality

Why We Love Rapid eLearning Development: Myth Vs. Reality

Why We Love Rapid eLearning Development: Myth Vs. Reality—Infographic

What is the difference between rapid and traditional eLearning?

Rapid eLearning Development

Rapid eLearning development cuts the time required for developing an online course by at least 40%. This translates into lower development costs, as the number of resources needed to develop the courses is reduced.

Traditional eLearning Development

When a course is developed using traditional methods, it is built from the ground up, by defining each and every element. Traditional methods allow you to create highly personalized and customized courses. However, having to work from scratch increases development time and costs exponentially.

Here are 4 reasons we love rapid eLearning development:

  • It lives up to its name
    For content updates that are to be developed as fast as they need to be rolled out, the solution is rapid eLearning development.
  • It is mobile-friendly
    With rapid eLearning development, courses can be quickly developed using HTML5, allowing for multi-device and multi-browser compatibility.
  • It reuses and repurposes existing content
    Rapid eLearning development makes use of a company's existing training content—PPTs, manuals, and even an instructor's notes. This content can be repurposed to develop an online course.
  • It uses rapid authoring tools
    Rapid eLearning leverages the built-in features of authoring tools to add interactivities, scenarios or simulations easily.

Myths On Rapid eLearning Cleared

  1. Myth
    Compared to traditional development methods, rapid eLearning delivers a low-quality course that lacks effective learning.
    Low-quality eLearning courses are a result of not following Instructional Design principles and of poor execution of the entire development process.
  2. Myth
    Rapid development cannot fulfill your need for customization.
    Authoring tools give you ample readymade and easy-to-use options to modify elements of the course according to your requirements.
  3. Myth
    Interactive courses can be developed only with traditional development methods.
    Authoring tools allow you to create game-like interactions for a thoroughly engaging experience, using their inbuilt templates.
  4. Myth
    Rapid eLearning takes creativity out of the development process.
    Authoring tools do have enough scope to showcase your creativity. It is up to eLearning developers to explore their innumerable options.
Via: https://blog.commlabindia.com/elearning-development/rapid-elearning-myth-reality-infographic
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