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What You Should Know About MOOCs Infographic

According to the 2013 Inside Higher Ed Survey of College & University Presidents conducted by Gallup, only 14% of presidents strongly agree that Massive Open Online Courses have "great potential to make a positive impact" on higher education. With all the concerns and buzz about Massive Open Online Courses, Hanover Research commissioned a report on […]

Western Europe E-Learning Market and Trends

Despite being a mature market 2013 was a nevertheless a transitional year for eLearning in Western Europe. We can put aside all the buzz about MOOCs in higher education and all the noise about a coming shift to mobile. For those of us who focus on work-place learning the really interesting shift was the number […]

A Look at MOOCs Infographic

The MOOC, or massive open online course, has taken the spotlight in recent educational debate. Growing popularity and high enrollment rates are forcing many universities to take a second look at their non-involvement. The A Look at MOOCs Infographic explores just what MOOCs are and whether they are a worthwhile addition to the span of […]

The Growth of Coursera Infographic

The Growth of Coursera Infographic presernts how in two years Coursera has grown from a revolutionary idea to a thriving community of more than 100 partner institutions, 5 million+ students from 190 countries, and 500+ courses across a diverse range of disciplines.

MOOC Strategic Considerations Infographic

The MOOC Strategic Considerations Infographic presents the strategic questions MOOCs raise for college and university leaders in 2014 and beyond. 4 MOOC Strategic Considerations for College and University Leaders  Credit for MOOCs will fit into established processes already embedded in post-secondary institutions All MOOCs are not the same – different plans work for different students […]

2013 e-learning trends infographic

From Learning Analytics to the MOOC movement, and from Gamification to new Design Possibilities, the e-learning field is turning out to be the game changer in 21st century education. Although much circulated in the market in recent years, the concept of Learning Analytics continues to gain traction in online education, and the expansion of e-learning […]