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The Mobile Of Workplace Learning

The Mobile Of Workplace Learning—Infographic There's no doubt that mobile learning or mLearning is the gateway to anywhere, anytime learning. Fueled by the increased penetration and usage of smartphones in today's always-connected, digital age, it has moved from the stage of "awareness" to "consideration," and is moving fast into the final stage of "adoption." UpsideLMS […]

5 Instructional Design Mistakes You Can Avoid Infographic

5 Instructional Design Mistakes You Can Avoid Infographic Everyone makes mistakes. Yes, even Instructional Designers! View the 5 Instructional Design Mistakes You Can Avoid Infographic to learn how you can avoid some common mistakes. 1. Too much on-screen text A screen with a lot of text on-screen overwhelms the user and reduces the chances of retaining the information. […]

The Mobile Moment in K-12 Infographic

The Mobile Moment in K-12 Infographic The U.S. education system is having its mobile moment, with devices in some form in the majority of schools and more predicted in the next 1-2 years. At different paces using different model and depending on funds, districts across the country are making the digital transition and are working […]

Where Do People Use Mobile Learning Infographic

It's clear that learning via a smartphone, tablet or other mobile device has become a part of our daily routines, blurring the lines between personal and professional enrichment opportunities. And recent research reveals that mobile learning will continue to rise due to the spread of personal devices in the workplace, improved mobile technologies and a […]

Checklist On How To Choose An Android Tablet For Education Infographic

There are now Android apps available that add real value to any English Language Teaching classroom, from pronunciation apps, to dictionaries, game-based vocabulary apps, Graded Readers, and now even complete coursebooks and Readers as e-books. Android is the single most popular Operating System for smartphones and tablets. The reason for this is twofold: firstly, Android […]

Top 9 Mobile Learning Stats Infographic

Mobile learning is set to make a splash within corporate training. Here’s an infographic the team at Vantage Path put together that collects some of the most interesting facts we've stumbled across over the last few months.