LMSs infographic

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The History of Learning Management Systems Infographic

From the very basic "problem cylinder", "KHUT", "SAKI" to Microsoft's Sharepoint Learning Kit and the powerfully simple ProProfs LMS, this inforgraphic tracks the incredible journey of Leaning Management Systems since it began in 1906, when University of Wisconsin was established as the first distance learning institution. For a larger printable version of the The History of […]

Alternatives to Moodle LMS Infographic

Moodle has emerged as one of the most visible brands for creating and managing e-learning content online and is one of the Top Open Source Learning Management Systems . However as with all open-source software, there are trade-offs to using Moodle. The Alternatives to Moodle LMS Infographic explores the most commonly experienced problems with Moodle and […]

LMS Demographics Infographic

LMS demographics Infographic eLearning flourishes in US, Canada, Australia and UK. While the LMS is still considered a solution for educational institutes, organizational usage is catching up. Would you like to learn more about the LMS demographics. Check the following LMS infographic and lets us know your thoughts!