Alternatives to Moodle LMS Infographic

Moodle has emerged as one of the most visible brands for creating and managing e-learning content online and is one of the Top Open Source Learning Management Systems .

However as with all open-source software, there are trade-offs to using Moodle. The Alternatives to Moodle LMS Infographic explores the most commonly experienced problems with Moodle and some alternatives to consider.

An extensive list of Learning Management Systems is also available:

  1. List of Learning Management Systems: Part 1 - 70 LMSs
  2. List of Learning Management Systems: Part 2 - 50 LMSs
  3. List of Learning Management Systems: Part 3 - 30 LMSs
  4. The Ultimate List of Cloud-Based Learning Management Systems

By thinking through their needs, priorities and available resources, organizations can make informed decisions about how best to implement an e-learning system for their own use. The Learning Management System Comparison Checklist of Features can be extremely useful in guiding these decisions.

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