Dyspraxia Infographic

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How to Deal With Dyspraxia Infographic

The Dyspraxia Infographic The Big Picture of Dyspraxia Easily distracted Difficulty learning new skills Clumsy Simple tasks can be a struggle Inefficient Transitions are tough Difficulty with sequencing organization Derailed mid-task Difficulty navigating through crowds Avoids novel tasks Struggles to follow directions Repeats preferred activities over and over Requires more tome to master any task […]

Learning Disabilities Infographic

Many people believe learning disabilities are a sign of low intelligence; the belief is wildly incorrect. Specific learning disabilities pose unique challenges for afflicted students and are very real, physiological conditions. 3 Facts of Learning Disabilities in the U.S. 4% to 6% Percentage of American students with a learning disability 1 in 2 Public school […]