Dyslexia Infographic

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Dyslexia Awareness Infographic

Dyslexia Awareness Infographic: Overcoming the Effects of Dyslexia  The Dyslexia Awareness Infographic explains how to overcome the effects of dyslexia through awareness. Dyslexia is a common learning difficulty causing problems with writing, reading, and spelling. However, unlike learning disabilities, it does not affect intelligence. So, if you are not aware of dyslexia, this infographic will […]

12 Coping Skills for Dyslexia Infographic

12 Coping Skills for Dyslexia Infographic The 12 Coping Skills for Dyslexia Infographic offers great tips for people with Dyslexia. It is targeted towards school aged children that struggle with Dyslexia and school. It is a great resource for any parents looking for advice on helping their child cope with the daily struggles Dyslexia brings […]

Classroom Accommodations for Dyslexia Infographic

Classroom Accommodations for Dyslexia Infographic For kids with dyslexia, reading and writing can be challenging. The Classroom Accommodations for Dyslexia Infographic presents some common ways schools can make learning more accessible. Keep in mind that the accommodations listed here aren’t the only ones available. Talk to your child’s teachers for more ideas. For Materials Get audiobooks through […]

How to Make Your Classroom Dyslexia Friendly Infographic

The strong right brain of dyslexic students offers them many unique strengths, however, tasks that require a set process to be accomplished (and hence, a dominant left brain) are much more difficult for dyslexic students – including language tasks. Despite the obstacle that this presents, it provides valuable insights into how to improve the process […]

Learning Disabilities Infographic

Many people believe learning disabilities are a sign of low intelligence; the belief is wildly incorrect. Specific learning disabilities pose unique challenges for afflicted students and are very real, physiological conditions. 3 Facts of Learning Disabilities in the U.S. 4% to 6% Percentage of American students with a learning disability 1 in 2 Public school […]