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The Ultimate Math Cheat Sheet Infographic

The Ultimate Math Cheat Sheet Infographic clearly explains key math concepts in a simple and memorable way presenting important math skills children need to learn as they progress from Kindergarten through 6th grade. For each grade level the infographic highlights the building blocks of math and depicts them in a visually stunning way.

The EdTech Cheat Sheet for Teachers Infographic

Trying to understand new educational technology trends with all of the new buzzwords in the booming education technology sector can leave you feel overwhelmed.  Boundless created this great edtech infographic that I highly encourage you to share it with fellow educators and teachers or even better print it out. In addition, you may want to read the Future […]

The Interactive Whiteboards Cheat Sheet For Teachers Infographic

We thought it would be a good idea to create an interactive whiteboard ABC!  Click Here and Print it out and hang it in your classroom as a constant reminder of the interactive whiteboard’s many features that will change your lessons forever. ABC’s are omnipresent in classrooms. A – Accessories B- Background C- Collaborate D-Drag […]