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Gamify Your eLearning With These 7 Techniques

Gamify Your eLearning With These 7 Techniques—Infographic Gamification refers to the application of gaming elements into the Instructional Design of a course. It’s a fantastic way of keeping your learner’s attention and increase motivation while having fun at the same time! 1. Sound Effects Positive and negative re-enforcement can be conveyed through sound effects. It […]

Gamification in eLearning Infographic

Gamification in eLearning Infographic Incorporating game elements into your learning program is a great way to empower learners to act freely, show competency, and work together. There are many benefits of using gamification within your eLearning courses. The Gamification in eLearning Infographic presents information on new gamification trends, benefits of gamification in eLearning and how to motivate […]