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How ADHD Impacts Learning in Grade School Infographic

How ADHD Impacts Learning in Grade School Infographic In grade school, increasing workloads can be hard for students to keep up with. For some kids, this is when symptoms of ADHD first become noticeable—and your child’s teacher may see signs before you do. Here are some ways ADHD impacts learning in grade school. Read also: […]

ADHD in Children Infographic

ADHD in Children Infographic ADD/ADHD is a condition affecting both children and adults; estimates suggesting approximately 300,000 or more Canadians are diagnosed each year. Both diseases cause disabling symptoms that impede development and impair social function. ADHD is a mental disorder that interferes with the learning process, impedes social and cognitive development, and can be a […]

Learning Disabilities Infographic

Many people believe learning disabilities are a sign of low intelligence; the belief is wildly incorrect. Specific learning disabilities pose unique challenges for afflicted students and are very real, physiological conditions. 3 Facts of Learning Disabilities in the U.S. 4% to 6% Percentage of American students with a learning disability 1 in 2 Public school […]