How to Structure a CV for Success Infographic

Successful cv structure

How to Structure a CV for Success Infographic

You may be the most highly qualified and experienced candidate for a certain job vacancy, but no matter your skills or qualifications that make you a perfect fit for the role, unless your CV is up to scratch, you will never get yourself noticed.

Poor presentation is one major stumbling block for jobseekers. Your CV needs to be both well constructed and presented in a professional manner that is not off-putting to the eye. Obvious mistakes like poor spelling or bad grammar can easily consign your application to the reject pile, despite the fact that you could do the job with one hand tied behind your back.

OK, you may need to tweak and edit your CV around a little to suit the industry of the job you are applying for, but you have to remember that every bit of effort counts. You cannot get away with sending out one generic CV to every single employer. If your CV doesn't fit their requirements from the very first skim through, it is likely not to get a second glance.

There is no need to over-complicate your CV with long-winded sections of text where a few bullet points highlighting your top skills and experience will do. By keeping your CV simple in structure it makes it easier for you to amend and tailor the content to suit each new job application as you apply.

StandOut CV have created the How to Structure a CV for Success Infographic to make things as simple and easy to understand as possible. This easy to follow infographic will help you to format your CV for greater success. To make creating your CV easier, you need to follow these steps:

  • Keep it simple
  • Provide a pleasant reading experience
  • Maintain a professional outlook
  • Make good use of the space

Remember to keep your CV short and sweet. Try to get over your most pertinent information using the tips from this infographic and you will be on the right path to land your dream job.

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