Spectrum of Training Techniques Infographic

Spectrum of Training Techniques Infographic

Spectrum of Training Techniques Infographic

While formal learning is still one of the most commonly used training methods in companies, it’s just one way of the many ways of approaching training. In addition to learning formally, individuals can also learn informally and non-formally. The Spectrum of Training Techniques Infographic outlines these three learning methods. Combining formal, informal and non-formal learning is key to train today’s modern workforce.

Formal Learning

Formal learning is both the most common and the first route most organizations take to train or educate their employees. It is typically provided in a structured format and is usually planned and intentional by the learner.

Non-Formal Learning

Non-formal learning is also typically provided in a structured format, with learning objectives and goals set externally or by the instructor. It’s an intermediate level of learning between formal and informal. It does not have the level of curriculum or external certification associated with formal learning but has more structure than informal learning.

Informal Learning

Informal learning usually results from experience gained through daily activities related to work or recreation. It is not structured in that objectives and goals are not set externally.

Via: http://info.shiftelearning.com/blog/maximize-learning
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