Social eLearning Infographic

Social e-learning embodies characteristics of informal and formal learning, thus allowing a blend of personal and social qualities. The Social eLearning Infographic presents the characteristics of a social e-learning shows that Knowledge Courses, Assessments &Surveys, Events &Workshops, Scorm, AICC (e-learning course) are the next generation e-learning platforms on offer. The highlighting features of social e-Learning are Blogging and Micro-blogging, Media sharing, social network, communication, and Collaboration. Social networks like you Tube, Skype, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook etc. help to achieve higher levels of social e-learning, thus enhancing the overall process of social e-learning.

Social software and social media are used from online educators to facilitate collaborative learning through interactions between learn and learners, learn and content, and learner(s) and online educator. The Social Learning Tools Every Online Educator Should Know About  are used for pedagogical and androgogical purposes as formal and informal learning environments and support dynamic knowledge educational communities.

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