The Significance of Online Training in IT Industry Infographic

The Significance of Online Training in IT Industry Infographic

Four Reasons Depicting the Significance of Online Training in IT Industry

In this rapidly advancing IT Industry, getting updated with the latest technological advancements is a big challenge for the IT professionals. Getting trained in the latest technologies while performing their daily job activities is certainly an issue and also, they must perform their tasks well related to latest technologies in their respective IT organizations. The IT organizations do not provide training on each technology which gets updated for its employees as they will be having their own issues. This article depicts the challenges IT employees are facing in learning the latest technologies and how they are overcoming this problem by receiving training Online. Major advantages of online training are depicted.


IT industry is moving at a rapid pace and new technologies are being emerged day by day. So, we should get ourselves updated with the latest trends and this is extremely important for an IT professional as the demand for older technologies will get diminished within no time. Suppose you are using a programming language which provides high security but is a bit difficult to learn. Tomorrow, if any other programming language arises which provides the same amount of security but is very easy to learn, everyone will switch to that one as they can learn it easily and can implement it. Next day, some other technology may arise which provides much higher security than the previous one and is much more easy to learn, it will have higher demand than the previous ones. This is how IT industry functions and it continues the same way in the years to come. So, receiving training and getting updated with the latest technologies is part and parcel of an IT professional’s career. Having significant amount of experience doesn’t stop an IT guy from receiving training as each day there is something or the other to learn in this field.

There are 2 types of training we can receive, Classroom training and Online training. Until the early 2000, we used to receive classroom training where the trainer was physically present and provided the training in a room. We all know about this type of training and it is quite common. Online training is the type of training some of us are not used to. In this world of internet, people can receive from anywhere through a certain e-learning tool. E-learning tool is a medium through we can receive training which makes us feel as if we are in a classroom. Due to advancement of technology, bridging the gap between geographical locations has become very easy. Due to this, online training industry is growing rapidly and lot of IT professionals now-a-days prefer online training to classroom training.

Apart from IT, the concept of online tutoring is present in other industries as well but it has much more significance in IT because of the reason I discussed earlier that keeping up-to-date on the latest innovations is given extremely high importance. The word ‘e-learning’ is being used since early 2000 when it was first utilized at a seminar on CBT systems. Businesses began using online training to provide training for their new and experienced employees to enhance their knowledge base on industry and increase their skill-sets.

As I already mentioned, every employee of an IT organization needs online training at each stage of his employment irrespective of their position or their level experience. Even the CEO of a company or any other leader in a top position needs online training to brush up their skills from time to time. Online Training has so many advantages which makes it the most suitable form of training in IT industry.

Four Reasons stating the Importance of Online Training in IT Industry

1. Time saver
In IT industry, managing time is a difficult for employees as they should sometimes stretch their working hours if something is pending for that day or week or whatsoever. So, for those who want to receive training, they can take that by sitting at their homes through medium such as computers in case of online training. This saves a lot of time for employees because for classroom training, they must be physically present at the place where training is being given. So, online training is a time saver as an IT employee or any other person can receive training by sitting anywhere in the world if he/she has internet connectivity.

2. Boosts the confidence of employees and raises their level of job satisfaction.
Employees who receive online training related to their work are more confident than others and they can do their job much easier than before. This gives high levels of job satisfaction to the employee so that he/she don’t think about leaving the company. The companies don’t want to lose their employees unless they have a strong reason behind it because an employee on-boarding involves lot of time and money. So, companies also encourage online training to their employees for retaining them and keeping them up-to-date with the latest technologies.

3. Improves employee skills and allows them to stay updated on latest technology developments.
Suppose a company introduces new products or services on a regular basis to its line, the employees of that company should be aware of them. This is a place where the importance of online training comes into picture as the company provides training to its employees only on the latest product or service developments rather than providing the entire training on the product and providing classroom training in this type of situation is difficult. So, when it comes to updating products and services in a company, the best way to provide training to its employees is through online.

4. Evaluation of the strategy of Online Training for improving its effectiveness.
The strategy of online training itself can be evaluated by an employee receiving it or an IT organization which provides online training to its employees. Observing the on-the-job implementation of knowledge which is acquired newly, using simulations and scenario based approaches, comparing the performance of online training course before and after the training, conducting assessments for the employees of an organization based on the online training they received to assess the amount of knowledge they gained through that online training course, are some of the ways through which the strategy of online training can be evaluated by an IT organization and can be improved based on the outcome.


The number of people opting for online training especially in IT industry is increasing day-by-day due to its advantages which are mentioned above. Convenience in learning can be obtained through online training. Boundaries in pace, space and time are not set for learning through online training. This kind of training will be much helpful for advanced learners. The material regarding online training for a course can be made available through soft copy materials which can be obtained from the trainer. With these many features, online training can be regarded as the most convenient form of training for IT industry.

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