Secrets of Successful and Effective Studying Infographic

Secrets of Successful and Effective Studying Infographic

Secrets of Successful and Effective Studying Infographic

Probably everyone knows examples of famous people who didn’t graduate from the university but still are leading a wonderful life and have achieved overwhelming success. But mind, they are not proud of this fact and they do not declare this style of life. One of Google’s founders believes that there is nothing that characterizes human intelligence better than the average score of his diploma, namely the assessment of mathematics and English language. The rest of the scores reflect a person's ability to implement this knowledge in all other areas. Think about it now, because you won’t be able to correct the average score of your diploma later. And read below some useful tips for your effective studying.

1. Try to study at the same times each day

Studying at the same times each day will establish a routine that will become a regular part of your life, like sleeping and eating. The world starts working early and college is your business. So get up and open for business - same time every day.

2. Attend every class

Never miss a class for any reason. Don't be sick, don't sleep in, don't take a traffic jam, don't do anything that causes you to miss a class. Your parents are paying a bucket of money for you to go to those. Do not let them down.

3. Sit front and center in every class

Always sit down in the front row, directly in front of the lecturer. It will focus your attention and set you free from fiddling, daydreaming, doodling and browsing on facebook.

4. Use laptops and smartphones wisely

Laptops and phones can bring down your grade. Seriously. Send emails, surf the web and post facebook updates after your classes or during the breaks.

5. Take a proper care of your body and healthy meals

Avoid eating a heavy meal before studying it will I make you sleepy. Try to eat small and frequent meals during the day. Do sports at your free time till the end of your life.

6. Ask questions

Talk to the professor. Face to face. Always ask “why" - it’s an important question for a small word! Professors like initiative and proactive students.

7. Get enough sleep

Sleep is important. When you properly rest, your brain strengthens the knowledge you have learned during the day by assimilating information. So the better you sleep, the better you learn.

8. Review your notes

Immediately after class review your notes. You've got lots of abbreviations and shorthand. While they are still fresh in your mind, take a scan through the notes. If you missed a point and skipped some space, don’t forget to take the information later from the prof or a classmate.

9. Start with the most difficult subject first

Always start your homework with the most difficult assignment or subject, it requires the most effort and mental energy from you. Never procrastinate your planned study session. Procrastination leads to rushing, rushing to errors.

10. Do not study in a dorm

Your friends, time wasters and strangers will be parading into your room without end. Your dorm is a social place and home, not work. For studying  go to the quiet libraries. It is the last place on the campus where your friends are going to come in and chat it up.

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