The Rise Of On Demand Learning Infographic

The Rise Of On Demand Learning Infographic

The Rise Of On Demand Learning Infographic

“On-demand learning is a training strategy for how a learner gains access to knowledge based content in real time, anywhere and at any time” – Training Industry

There are three components crucial to its implementation – utilising learning technology, understanding the modern learner and using video as an enabler.

1. Learning and Technology

  • Computer based learning began back in the 1960s.
  • The introduction of the Personal Computer in the 1980s and the World Wide Web in the 1990s revolutionised learning.
  • Today, training is increasingly moved to more digital formats, from e-learning, user generated content to gamified techniques, however face to face remains dominant.
  • 80% of workforce learning happens via on-the-job interactions with peers, teammates and managers.
  • 75% of organisations in the UK use learning technologies, rising to 88% in the public sector, but many lack confidence in their ability to fully utilise them.
  • Only 25% feel ‘extremely’ or ‘very confident’ in their ability to exploit technology to increase their L&D effectiveness.

2. The Modern Learner

  • Employees feel increasingly overwhelmed with information.
  • Video usage has become part of modern life, with 195 million digital video viewers in the US alone.
  • Greater employee productivity comes from developing and using the right skills for the job.
  • Last year 35% of employers reported difficulty filling jobs due to talent shortages, so as available talent is increasingly stretched, lack of skills development is threatening to weaken productivity and threaten economic growth.
  • Investing in better technology is part of the solution to train learners, who are often impatient to progress and distracted by day to day tasks.

3. Video as an enabler

  • Video is big business. With online video advertising spend set to reach 9.16 billion US Dollars in 2016, the monetisation and popularity of video content show no sign of abating.
  • Video can also be an enabler for collaborative learning within organisations.
  • On demand learning is available at the point of need for the learner.
  • Two pronged approach:
    1. Branded short form instructional content to demonstrate best practice.
    2. Recording and tagging up employees in action to reinforce feedback.
  • Result: A coaching and supportive framework for personal development.

The future

The future of learning is in truly harnessing the power of technology as an enabler. A collaborative approach that combines coaching techniques with video and other forms of user generated content as an added value tool to more traditional methods.

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