Reshaping Modern Education with Technology Infographic

Reshaping Modern Education with Technology Infographic

How Technology is Reshaping Modern Education

Over the last few years, modern education has gone through some major changes. Teachers have long adopted interactive technologies and students increasingly use smart devices to access learning resources.

Such trends are mainly triggered by the development of web technologies and the growing use of mobile devices in particular. The ability to access the Internet almost anytime and anywhere is, of course, the primary driver of innovation in the education sector. As opposed to older generations, modern teenagers grew up using technology and can hardly imagine their lives without smartphones and tablets, which are becoming irreplaceable learning resources. Often referred to as Digital Natives, these generations keep exploring the potential of new technologies and readily use them for educational purposes.

The accelerated technology development, therefore, enabled us to access previously unimaginable spaces, thus changing our perspective on most aspects of our daily lives. In the world where information is constantly available, the ways we learn and teach are bound to change. Unsurprisingly, most schools and universities worldwide are introducing policies regarding technology implementation, while students continue to explore it on their own.

Consequently, we are witnessing new paradigms in the modern education system, with more and more resources being made available to students’ in classrooms. However, there are also numerous self-study applications, tools and online learning resources that enable people of different ages to study whenever and whatever they want.

The Reshaping Modern Education with Technology Infographic outlines some of the key figures related to the use of technology in modern education, particularly focusing on language learning. As a highly interactive field, language learning largely benefited from the development of tools that enable real-time communication. Currently, language learning is one of the most popular fields of educational innovation, especially in terms of self-study apps. With thousands of downloads and almost as many active users, language learning apps are changing the ways we approach languages.

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