Practical Issues Of Framing Learning Objectives For Online Learning

Practical Issues of Framing Learning Objectives for Online Learning

Practical Issues Of Framing Learning Objectives For Online Learning Infographic

What are learning objectives? A learning objective is a statement, in specific and measurable terms, that describes what learners will be able to do on completion of the training.

What do Learning Objectives Help Finalize in an E-learning Course?

  • Scop of the course
  • Instructional strategy
  • Evaluation methodology
  • Cost and duration of the course

Common Pitfalls to Avoid while Framing Learning Objectives

  1. Avoid false performances such as: Be able to understand... Be able to appreciate...
  2. Avoid false givens such as: Given 3 days of Instruction...Given adequate practice...
  3. Do NOT use vague terms that convey no meaning. Example: Have profound awareness of the sales process
  4. Do NOT focus on what instructors will do. Example: The facilitator will provide exposure to the steps involved in the sales process.

Tips to Follow while Framing Learning Objectives

  1. Consider specific questions learning to keep learning objectives grounded.
  2. Ensure objectives communicate the intent in clear terms and leave little room for misinterpretation.
  3. Keep them simple and brief so that they are easily understandable.
  4. Be specific about the performance of learners after taking the training.
  5. Align every activity in the course with the learning objectives.
  6. Make sure one learning objective refers to a single outcome.
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