10 Powerful Ways To Use Instagram For Promoting Your School

10 Powerful Ways To Use Instagram For Promoting Your School

10 Powerful Ways To Use Instagram For Promoting Your School—Infographic

The new generation of parents and students are active on Instagram. Learn how to reach them.

1. Choose A Unique Hashtag For Your School

Create a unique and simple hashtag that can be used by everyone while posting the photos. This hashtag will become your brand identity so create it thoughtfully.

2. Post Challenges For Students And Parents

You can create different challenges for the followers to gather engagement. The challenge can be a simple mathematical puzzle or a quiz.

3. Collect And Share Photos Posted By Students And Parents

Using hashtags, look for photos posted by the students and parents about your school and share or store them as a collection in your profile.

4. Partner With Influencers In Your Location

Find out the Instagram celebrities in your location and partner with them to promote your school account. They can be actors, radio jockeys, youth icons, etc.

5. Engage Your Alumni

You have the best Instagram marketers in the form of your alumni. Inform them about the Instagram account of the school.

6. Post Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are shared daily to create engagement with the followers and keep account lively. As the stories will exist only for limited hours, you will have to post stories every day.

7. Let Students Manage And Promote

Looking for an Instagram expert to manage the account of your school? Look no further. Create a committee of students who will do this job for you by spending only a few minutes every day.

8. Try Paid Promotions

It is a good idea to spend money on Instagram promotions. As your school will be already spending more money on other marketing efforts, give a try to Instagram.

9. Promote The Achievements Of Students

Won a sports competition? Spelling bee? Entrance examination? Share it with photos of the achievement.

10. Publish Event Calendars And Notices

Instagram will be the best instant communication tool for this generation. So to inform about various upcoming events in school, post regular posts with photos that contain event details in the form of a calendar and share announcements as photos.

You're all set. Make sure you take and share good quality photos!

Via: https://fedena.com/blog/2019/12/10-powerful-ways-to-use-instagram-for-promoting-your-school.html
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