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Not Ready for College Infographic

Not Ready for College Infographic

We are in the heart of college acceptance season, when millions of high school seniors choose which campus offers the best fit and the best financing.

But few parents and students are considering this uncomfortable reality: One in 4 of those college-bound seniors will be taking remedial coursework, spending thousands of extra dollars to relearn material they should have learned in high school.

And while many families probably think this will be someone else’s dilemma, the reality is that not only does college remediation cut across all income levels, it’s also not a problem confined to community colleges. Nearly half—40 percent—of remedial students were enrolled in public and private four-year colleges.

For more, read the complete research report from Education Reform Now and Education Post:
Out of Pocket: The High Cost of Inadequate High Schools and High School Student Achievement on College Affordability

Via: educationpost.org

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