The Next Generation Social LMS Infographic

The Next Generation Social LMS Infographic

5 Features That Define The Next Generation Social LMS

Social learning has been in existence for ages now. Inherently, man’s basic desire is to observe, learn, and share. Today, social learning is more defined to the extent of being perceived as a formal concept. Leveraging the existing social learning platforms has promoted the culture of learning. Hence, the future of social learning at the workplace lies in continuous social communication and collaboration via personal and technology-enabled methods. The Next Generation Social LMS Infographic presents the 5 features a Learning Management System (LMS) should have in order to achieve desired results.

1. Faster Deployment

A social LMS shouldn’t be too difficult to deploy or integrate with your existing content. Remember, cloud-based and SCORM/Tin Can compliant LMSs can be easily integrated into the present architecture.

2. Truly Social

The utility value of making social elements such as blogs, wikis, chats, forums, etc. should be tapped by providing convenience features such as forum tagging, bookmarking, and chat/blog exporting. These features facilitate collaboration and allow learners to recap on their learning whenever they want. In short, the anytime learning convenience should be encouraged!

3. Social Analytics

Social learning is highly abstract and intangible in nature. Measuring it is imperative. Use Social Analytics tools embedded in a Tin Can compliant LMS and track the learning metrics.

4. Intuitive & Ease of Use

For technology to support learning, it must have conveniences that will attract users. Learning dashboards must have advanced features such as topical and contextual course display, advanced search as well as intuitive reporting tools for the course administrators.

5. Actionable Reporting

Quality is critical than the quantity of reports. Since tech-based social learning is new, actionable reports is key to measure success. This will ensure that corrective feedback is available to improve courses and learning experiences.

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