6 Myths Of Rapid eLearning

6 Myths Of Rapid eLearning

6 Myths Of Rapid eLearning–Infographic

1. Anybody Can Create Rapid eLearning Using Authoring Tools

For learning to be effective it has to be based on sound Instructional Design principles.

2. Rapid eLearning Means Low Quality

Rapid eLearning doesn't compromise on course quality—development speed is accelerated.

3. Rapid eLearning Means No Creativity

Creative Instructional Design strategies are used to make learning engaging.

4. SMEs Have No Role In Rapid eLearning

They are the main people who guide IDs and ensure the accuracy of the course content.

5. Rapid eLearning Is Difficult To Track

Learning Management Systems make it easy to track all learner activities.

6. Rapid eLearning Content Is Not Future-Proof

It is easy to update content with rapid authoring tools.

Via: https://blog.commlabindia.com/elearning-development/rapid-elearning-myths-cleared-infographic
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