8 Myths About Artificial Intelligence Of Things (AIoT)

8 Myths about Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT)

8 Myths About Artificial Intelligence Of Things (AIoT) — Infographic

VROC presents 8 Myths about AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things). AIoT is gaining popularity in domains like industrial automation, healthcare and smart cities.

The ultimate goal of AIoT is to enhance efficiency, productivity and decision-making, and is likely to be used by businesses seeking a competitive edge.

Some myths about AIoT are:
- That it can solve anything
- That it is infallible
- Poses no privacy risks
- That AIoT solutions are expensive
- That AIoT solutions are only for large enterprises
- That AIoT always requires a permanent internet connection
- That AIoT is plug and play

Via: https://vroc.ai/8-myths-about-aiot/
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