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The Modern College Student Infographic

6 Facts About The Modern College Student Infographic

With Technology, the landscape of college education has done a complete turnaround. Gone are the days of notebooks, printed syllabi, and textbooks. Now it’s iPads, smartphones, and ebooks.

  1. 73% of college students (sample size of 500) said they cannot study without technology.
  2. 38% of college students cannot go 10 minutes without checking their email, tablet, laptop, or smartphone.
  3. 70% of students use keyboards to take notes (no more paper).
  4. 65% use digital devices to create presentations.
  5. 91% of students used email to communicate with professors.
  6. 98% of students who own an e-reader read e-textbooks.

The Modern Student Tech Spending

  1. Students spent $13 billion on electronics in 2009.
  2. Digital textbooks cost approximately 40% less than printed textbooks.
  3. Retailers are selling $400 netbooks used by students primarily for term papers and note taking.

Via: blog.presta.com

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