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mLearning in-the-Moment Infographic

mLearning in-the-Moment: Learning Right When It’s Needed Infographic

Namely, there are 5 critical moments wherein the right support infrastructure can boost time to competency and improve workplace performance. According to Mosher & Gottfredson, these “moments of need” provide a framework of support that covers the entirety of an employee’s performance journey.

Meeting Mosher & Gottfredson’s 5 Moments of Learning Need with Mobile Learning

This is where mobile learning becomes an asset to your organization. Mobile learning, M-Learning, or “mLearning”, is a flexible, accessible and effective modality for organizations to offer on-going performance support for the journey to competency. The mLearning in-the-Moment: Learning Right When It’s Needed Infographic breaks down the various mobile learning opportunities that can be built to serve your employees throughout critical learning and performance moments.

Organizations that don’t just train, but also aim to support the growth of their employees cannot afford to ignore the five moments of learning needs that occur throughout one’s employment journey. Nor can they ignore the requirement for support to be accessible on-the-job, without requiring a major break away from the daily workflow. That’s why mobile learning should be considered when designing performance support infrastructure to improve time to competency.

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