When Is Microlearning A Good Fit For Corporate Training?

When Is Microlearning A Good Fit For Corporate Training?—Infographic

Microlearning can be a win-win for employees and organizations. But how do you decide whether microlearning is a good fit for online training in your organization? It will, when you tick these boxes:

1. Are Employees Hard-Pressed For Time?

Getting employees to make time for training is one challenge organizations face. Micro modules are short, light, and ideal for quick access anytime, anywhere, even when employees have just a few minutes to spare for learning.

2. Is Learner Engagement A Persistent Problem?

Microlearning works wonders when learner engagement is a problem, especially with lengthy eLearning courses. Various microlearning formats such as videos, infographics, podcasts, scenarios and interactive PDFS can be uses to boost learner engagement.

3. Do Employees Need Performance Support?

Performance support helps employees on the job. Because microlearning addresses one performance-based objective and can be accessed on mobile devices, it is ideal to provide performance support.

4. Are You Promoting A Learning Culture?

Employees need to be given continual opportunities to learn in order to promote a learning culture. Microlearning modules are small in size and can be shared or re-shared easily, thereby encouraging social learning.

5. Do You Need To Respond To Business Changes Quickly?

Dynamic market trends require the quick rollout of training programs. Microlearning modules are easier to develop, update and maintain, thus delivering training that keeps up with evolving business needs.

Via: https://blog.commlabindia.com/elearning-design/microlearning-corporate-training-fit-infographic
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