10 Microlearning Benefits Learners Can't Ignore

10 Microlearning Benefits Learner's Can't Ignore

10 Microlearning Benefits Learners Can't Ignore—Infographic

Organizations appreciate microlearning due to its ability to plug various gaps in their training framework. Let us now see how microlearning can help learners in your organization.

1. Microlearning makes it possible to deliver flexible, adaptive, and learner-centric training.

2. Microlearning modules provide brief and specific knowledge which is not disruptive like day-long trainings.

3. Using microlearning, learners can learn something that can be quickly applied to the job at hand. It is easier to provide on-demand learning using microlearning.

4. If designed right, microlearning makes an impact right away by providing immediate and relevant value.

5. Effectively designed microlearning helps learners close a small skill gap quickly so that they can apply it faster to their job.

6. Microlearning modules can be easily accessed on mobile devices to complete a task/job, as and when they are in need of information.

7. Microlearning modules are bite-sized and complement learning needs as well as learning preferences.

8. Microlearning provides opportunities for repetitive learning, thereby fostering knowledge retention and retrieval.

9. Learners have the convenience of learning at any time, in any place and using any device.

10. Microlearning lets learners "pull" specific information required instead of being pushed toward information that they might need in the future.


Via: https://blog.commlabindia.com/elearning-design/microlearning-benefits-for-learners-infographic
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