MBA vs Masters in Management Infographic

MBA vs Masters in Management: 11 Differences that Matter

MBA vs Masters in Management: 11 Differences that Matter

An MBA degree often inspires thoughts of high-powered executives working at some of the biggest firms in the world. Hence it is no surprise that tens of thousands of applicants apply every year in an attempt to make it into the top MBA schools.

Until recently the MBA was the only alternative for people wanting to get a full-fledged management education but since the past few years an underdog, the Masters in Management is making waves of its own.

What makes the Masters in Management or MiM special is that it specifically targets recently graduated individuals or ones with less than 2 years of work experience. This allows individuals who want to shift careers or fast track their growth much faster, without having to gain years of work experience.

Furthermore, with organizations such as Accenture, Deloitte, McKinsey & KPMG offering several post-graduation opportunities, Masters in Management graduates have a slew of choices.

So is the Masters in Management a direct competitor, a substitute or an alternative? Well, check out the MBA vs Masters in Management Infographic above to find out the exact points on which the two differ.

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