Top Tips On How To Manage Your Staff

How To Manage Your Staff Infographic

Set the bar high, establish your company philosophy and more using this effective manager infographic. Management is an important skill set that can take years to learn. You will probably make your fair share of mistakes. But you can do your best to avoid these common mistakes by preparing yourself. Providing clear direction where needed, recognizing employee achievements, being consistent with your responses, setting work standards, and not rushing the recruitment process will help you motivate and organize your team effectively. Save this infographic as a quick reference sheet to help keep you on track and in check!

6 Top Tips On How To Manage Your Staff

  1. Miscommunication
    Provide clear direction, set achievable dean. goals and ensure your staff understand what they are doing, why they are doing it and where they should aim to get to.
  2. Missing the mark with motivation
    Do recognise and reward employee achievements, and don't limit them to just your sales staff. An incentive programme cultivates a positive working environment and helps to build long-term commitment.
  3. Inconsistency
    Erratic responses, frequently changing practices or treating some members of staff differently to others will make it difficult for staff to trust you or for them to understand what you want. Consistency is key, be a manager that your team can rely upon.
  4. Delegation vs micromanagement
    The further you travel up the leadership ladder the more you will have to delegate, and it can be hard to let go. But it is really important that you do, for both your sake and your employees.
  5. A poor example
    Set working standards and always be seen to adhere to them yourself. Arriving to the office late every day or taking personal calls during work hours only opens the door for your team to follow suit.
  6. Rushed recruitment
    A key member of the team has handed in their notice or business has suddenly taken an upturn, whatever the reason we have all needed to hire swiftly at some point. But resist the urge to rush.
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