How to Land a Job as a Graduate Infographic

How to Land a Job as a Graduate Infographic

Making Yourself Employable: How To Land A Job As A Graduate

With the end of the academic year just around the corner (yes, really!), many final year students will be starting to think about looking for a job. Whilst some may already have graduate positions lined up, for the most, the infamous job hunt is looming!

What, however, sets a student apart from the others? With one third of recently graduated students working in an unskilled role and a quarter still unemployed six months later, there’s no denying it’s a tough market out there.

The How to Land a Job as a Graduate Infographic takes a look at how to land a job as a graduate by making yourself employable, highlighting why it's so important to take every possible step to set yourself apart from candidates.

No one wants to end up as the graduate who can't get a job or who is struggling to pay their way in an unskilled job, however the reality is that there are far more applicants than positions and the way it goes is that those who go the extra mile to stand out are those who succeed.

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