Why Liferay 7 is a Must Have for Business Infographic

Why Liferay 7 is a Must Have for Business Infographic

Why Liferay 7 Is a Must Have for Business Infographic

Since its inception, Liferay has been one of the strongest examples of open source enterprise portal frameworks in the 21st century corporate world. Over the decades, the greatest benefit of Liferay has been its vast potential for customization and it’s simplistic yet powerful interface. Last April, Liferay Inc. released the latest version of their flagship: Liferay 7.0, the most recent stable version of which is, at present, Liferay 7.0 C GA2. As usual, the complete source code can also be downloaded as a compressed folder at the same link. Let’s spend a few moments looking at what is new in Liferay 7.0 and how it might aid businesses.

Extensive Database Support

Liferay 7.0 is tested to work with a number of databases, including the latest versions of MySQL, PostgreSQL, HSQLDB, and MariaDB. Further to that, it is also optimized to be used on the Apache Tomcat and Wildfly App servers.This lends the software a versatility that very few EIP clients have ever mastered, thereby making it fit and retrofit into a number of existing company frameworks.

Optimized for Bandwidth and Speed

While Jamie Simmons of Liferay Inc. states in his blog that the actual speed of the software has always been as fast as its current release, its perceived speed of operation will have increased significantly because of a new feature wherein only the parts of a page that are required to be refreshed will be refreshed, while the remainders of the site remain as they are.

Better Navigation Across Pages

Liferay 7.0 comes with a vital feature that previous versions lacked – a navigation panel. Vastly popularized by Google, this feature will enable users of Liferay sites to find all their applications consolidated into a small but effective space, making the platform much easier to use. Once again, Liferay’s great affinity for customization will come in handy with developers in this regard.

Simplified Blogs and Wikis

Most Liferay users used to have a common woe – while the software’s support for blogs, wikis, and forums was undoubtedly commendable, it didn’t offer much competition to the blogging giants of the age such as WordPress or Medium. Liferay 7 for business has made its blogs much more aesthetically pleasant without compromising any of its famous feature-laden interface. This is expected to go a long way towards increasing its demand in the market.


Unlike in previous builds, Liferay 7 has a highly modular functionality, thereby making websites smaller and more efficient. This basically means that features that were previously available in bulk have now been taken to pieces, allowing you to make use of specific bits of it that you need while avoiding loading the entire functionality. This not only makes development easier but also increases the website’s efficiency.

Hence, Liferay 7.0 comes with a number of vital changes that will earn it an ever prominent position on the map of the world’s web development scenario; their latest release upholds the promise of excellence that will exceed customer expectations.

Via: http://www.compassitesinc.com/blog/liferay-7-new-features/
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