7 Interesting Ways To Use Instagram In Classroom

7 Interesting Ways To Use Instagram In Classroom

7 Interesting Ways To Use Instagram In Classroom—Infographic

1. Create A School Community

Share works of students, their creative arts, and let other students and families see them. Create a school community and make it a private account for your school only if you don't want others to see your shares.

2. Let Students Share

Let students share photos related to their favorite subject. Math lovers can share photos of mathematical concepts like angles, parallel lines, etc. Similarly, students who love literature or language can share photos from their favorite books or characters.

3. Encourage Creativity

Encourage creativity and share photos with students for an impromptu essay or story writing. A good weekly assignment!

4. Introduce Rewards

Reward a student once a month by featuring them and their works. This is a great way to encourage students to carry on with their good work.

5. Track Performance Improvement

Keep track of student performance through their activities for a year. Sites like Prinstagram offer low-cost prints that you can use to show your students about their improvement in performance.

6. Assign Exciting Projects

Assign your students exciting projects like recording how a chemical compound changes color or record the changes that occur when a plant unfurls.

7. Create Fun Events

Create fun events! Ask your students to be a comic character for one day and share photos. How about a Harry Potter sharing photos in his Instagram account?

Via: https://fedena.com/blog/2015/05/use-instagram-in-classroom.html
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