Interactive Media Means ROI For Higher Ed

Interactive Media Means ROI For Higher Ed - Infographic

Sure, they look nice. But do interactive campus maps and virtual tours provide a return on the investment for higher education?


In fact, as you’ll see in the infographic attached, the estimated ROI of having an interactive map and virtual tour is 69 new students enrolled worth $1.5 million in first-year tuition.

But there are many additional layers that demonstrate the utility that these resources provide for prospective students as well as for those trying to reach them.

The infographic was developed by Concept3D, a company that has built an interactive platform used by hundreds of higher education institutions including Texas A&M University, Arizona State University, Louisiana State University, and Indiana University, among many others. The data below is from Concept3D’s own findings after working with hundreds of education institutions, along with other resources as noted in the infographic.


  • When prompted during a virtual tour, 40% of prospective students leave their contact information.
  • The average amount of time spent on interactive maps is 6 minutes and 17 seconds.
  • Most universities experience 69.7% growth (year over year) in the amount of leads that result from virtual tours.
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