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How to Effectively Manage a Multi-generational Workplace Infographic

How to Effectively Manage a Multi-generational Workplace Infographic

Perhaps more than ever, today there is a multi-generational workplace. Due to an unfavorable economic climate, relatively few Baby Boomers and Gen Xers are retiring these days. This leaves many managers with the challenge of managing teams made up of employees from distinctly different generations, each with unique strengths, weaknesses, needs and attitudes. Attitudes, in particular, are important for managers to consider. According to a massive 2015 study conducted by Utah-based software company, Workfront, the three working generations express frequently conflicting opinions of themselves and each other. A good place for any manager to start is by addressing each generation individually and looking for ways to make those employees more productive, engaged and fulfilled.

Managing people can be very complicated and challenging, especially when dealing with a multi-generational workforce. But like anything else, the rewards can be well worth the effort if managers are sensitive to differences and committed to solving problems creatively and unifying their teams.


Via: www.mnu.edu

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