How to Choose Digital Curricula for Blended Learning Infographic

Blended learning is the foremost trend in education. While millions of elementary through high school students are participating in blended learning, it is a method, not a goal.

The How to Choose Digital Curricula for Blended Learning Infographic provides answers to ten crucial questions educators should ask themselves when selecting digital curricula for Blended Learning:

  1. What is the focus of blended learning?
  2. What are the learner characteristics and needs?
  3. What are the main planning criteria?
  4. How much unique differentiation and personalization is needed?
  5. What is the strategic role of the teacher?
  6. How often are progress and proficiency assessed by the software?
  7. What actionable data reports are needed?
  8. What hardware, infrastructure, and professional development are needed?
  9. How do you evaluate effectiveness?
  10. Can you try before you buy?


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