History of Computer Aided Language Learning Infographic

History of Computer Aided Language Learning Infographic

History of Computer Aided Language Learning Infographic

Contrary to popular opinion, using technology is not a new phenomenon within the English Language Teaching (ELT) world. The History of Computer Aided Language Learning Infographic is a brief timeline of how technology is being used for language learning over time.

Behaviourist CALL (1950s - 1970s)

Conceived in the 1950s and implemented in the 19605s and 1970s, the computer played the role of tutor, serving mainly as a vehicle for delivering instructional materials to the learner. Drill- and-practice programs were a prominent feature of this phase.

Communicative CALL (1970 - 1980s)

In this phase, which became prominent in the 1970s and 1980s, the computer continued to be used as a vehicle for practising language skills, but in a non-drill format and with a greater degree of student choice, control and interaction.

Integrative CALL (1980s)

This phase was marked by the introduction of two important innovations:
1. Multimedia: The introduction of multimedia CALL meant that reading, writing, speaking and listening could be combined in a single activity, with the learner exercising a high degree of control over the path that he/she follows through the learning materials
2. Internet: Built on multimedia technology and in addition enabling both asynchronous and synchronous communication between learners and teachers.

World Wide Web (1997)

The World Wide Web, a subsect of the Internet is founded. A range of new tasks became possible, e.g. Web searches, Web concordancing, and collaborative writing.

Data Driven Learning (1997)

New approach to language teaching that was cited by Levy (1997) survey respondents as a direct result of the attributes of the computer. In other words, this approach has been conceived with the computer in mind.

  • Blogs, Wikis and Social Media
  • MOOCs and Distance Learning
  • Mobile/Web Applications

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