Global Student Attitudes on Higher Education Infographic

Global Student Attitudes on Higher Education Infographic

Global Student Attitudes on Higher Education Infographic

Laureate International Universities has partnered with Zogby Analytics to poll students on their attitudes about the present and future of higher education. More than 27,000 students in 22 countries were surveyed—the largest student survey of its kind ever. The Global Student Attitudes on Higher Education Infographic showcases the results from their poll on student attitudes about the present and future of higher education.

What Students Say About Higher-Ed Today

  • Nearly 80% of students surveyed pursued higher education to improve their employment prospects and believe the importance of education lies in fostering the right attitudes.
  • 79% of students believe that a successful education "fosters an attitude to grow personally and professionally.
  • An amazing 96% of students believed it was important that their school foster an entrepreneurial atmosphere, and 93% thought teaching soft skills was important.
  • Students are confident about higher education quality but want to receive a better return on their investment
  • Students from all regions are generally optimistic (53%) about the quality of their country's higher education system but are less confident in the value that they receive from their higher education systems.

Optimism About The Current Education System Across The Globe

On the basis of the 2015 survey, Laureate and Zogby developed the Student Confidence Index, which tracks student attitudes on the current state of higher education and its future. The 2015 results demonstrate that students are generally confident in the current state of their higher education systems, with students in Panama, Costa Rica, and China reporting the highest confidence of all countries surveyed.

What Students Expect In The Future

The Laureate/Zogby Future Index also measures global student confidence in education innovation. The Index shows that students in the developing world are more confident that education innovations will improve future students' opportunities.

  • Students believe changes to the university model will benefit them: 2/3 of all students believed that changes like lifelong learning, apprenticeships and flexible schedules would benefit their education.
  • Institutions will prepare graduates better for employment, and employers and business will be more involved in education: 70% (and nearly 3/4 of students in Peru) believe that institutions will offer more career-oriented skills, including employers:
    - designing courses (58%)
    - offering apprenticeships (58%)
    - paying students’ tuition (47%)
  • 58% (and more than 2/3 in Mexico) believe that the higher education system will develop an electronic matching system to match graduates with jobs.

An interactive and responsive version of the Global Student Attitudes on Higher Education Infographic is also available here. You can also download the Laureate/Zogby Student Confidence Index full report.


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