The Global Learner Infographic

The Global Learner Infographic

The Global Learner: Where business goes, learning must follow

Creating a global eLearning programme for global teams is not an easy job. At BI WORLDWIDE, they know that your sales force needs access to critical information anytime, anywhere. The Global Learner Infographic is based on a recent case study for one of their global clients with over 140,000 global learners. Use this infographic to discover the challenges and solutions of deploying a global eLearning programme.

  • 500BC: The world’s economic center of gravity was located between India and China (the world’s two biggest populations).
  • 1950: The economic center of gravity had moved midway between the industrial superpowers of the US and Europe.
  • 2025: The economic center of gravity will be back in central Asia. By 2025, learning must finish the move to global.

GROWTH: Developing markets are growing 75% faster than developed countries.

CONSUMPTION: By 2025 nearly 50% of the world’s consumption will come from developing markets.

SCALE: Developing markets are growing 75% faster than developed countries.1 By 2025 nearly 50% of the world’s consumption will come from developing markets.The speed and scale is 3000% the size of the industrial revolution.

Global Obstacles

  • TOO MANY DEVICES: Learners use 9 major device types and dozens of models.2 Learners recently tried to access one global BIW course using 94 different devices and models.
  • TRANSLATION EXPENSE: 20+ languages for a global course is common. Translation is expensive, inaccurate, unsecure and typically takes many iterations.
  • MULTIPLE OSs: Learners use 5 major operating systems2 – each with multiple browser choices that may display things differently.
  • SLOW DELIVERY: Systems can be slow and PC-centric.3 Example: A learner in Sao Paulo suffers painful speeds when “hitting” a corporate server in Milan.
  • MOBILE FIRST: In the developing world mobile is the platform of choice4 – and Android devices make up about 80% of the market.
  • MAINTENANCE DIFFICULTY: The half-life of a job skills course is only 2.5-5 years so maintenance is key. Multiple course versions for devices/languages is a nightmare.

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