Getting Started with Extended Enterprise Learning Infographic

Getting Started with Extended Enterprise Learning Infographic

Getting Started with Extended Enterprise Learning Infographic

Extended Enterprise (EE) learning is any training, knowledge, certification or performance support provided to your non-employees – such as channel distribution partners, resellers, dealers, franchises, members, customers and end-users of your products and services. Extended Enterprise learning is facilitated by a Cloud-based LMS, such as Docebo.

Check out the Getting Started with Extended Enterprise Learning Infographic above on how to deploy an Extended Enterprise LMS to help you keep track of users, content and the relationship between the two!

1. Reach your global audience.

High speed & Low Latency => better user experience

2. It’s all about brand.

Different countries = different logos & content => localized branding

3. Fit your clients’ brand identity.

Different clients = different logos & content => enhanced fidelization

4. Different brands, different policies

Different users = different login policies => better user management & experience

5. Different countries, different laws.

Important! Different countries = different laws
(e.g. Europe vs US on Privacy and Data protection)

6. Don’t forget your CRM.

Integration with CRM => better lead qualification & followup

7. Don’t forget mobile users.

Better mobile learning => better user experience

8. Focus on a single product and vendor.

One single tool => better management

9. Help your help desk team.

Better trained end users = fewer calls to Help Desk

10. Company systems that scale.

More flexible LMS = more flexible business => faster growth

Read also the Win your Competitive Race with Extended Enterprise Learning Whitepaper which will introduce you to the topic of Extended Enterprise (EE) learning and outline why and how organizations use an LMS with eLearning to engage their external audiences of channel partners, customers and users.

View also The Top 5 Features of an Extended Enterprise LMS Infographic which presents how the new cloud LMSs leverage the advances in technology to finally facilitate engagement with global extended audiences at a fractional cost in comparison traditional LMSs.

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