EI Design – Celebrating 17 Years Of Transforming Learning

EI Design – Celebrating 17 Years Of Transforming Learning infographic

  1. Awarded Gold in the Top eLearning Companies for 2018
  2. 17 Years of Learning and Performance Solutions Expertise
  3. Our customer base – 22 countries, 25+ industry verticals
  4. 48% New Customer Acquisition Rate
  5. A year-on-year growth rate that’s double than the industry average
  6. Obtained CMMI Level 3 Corporate Quality certification in Mar’17
  7. We have been profitable since inception
  8. 83.4% Customer Retention Rate
  • Our solutions revolve around learner-centricity.
  • We focus on innovation and constant exploration.
  • Our learning strategies are based on a human-centred approach.
  • Helping our customers meet their mandate of achieving high employee performance and tangible business gains is what keeps us going. We do this by striking a balance between learner experience, technology, and business needs.
Via: https://www.eidesign.net/ei-design-celebrating-17-years-of-transforming-learning/
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