The Digital Transformation of Language Training Infographic

The Digital Transformation of Language Training Infographic

The Digital Transformation of Language Training

Research firm VansonBourne recently concluded a survey of 500 business execs on Rosetta Stone’s behalf. The insights of these leaders, based in the UK and Germany, are now organized into a comprehensive infographic.

These business leaders are operating on the front lines of international business. So when 87 percent of them say their organizations rely on more than one critical language, you can assume that is a solid majority of businesses in the world today.

The Language Tutor’s New Face

For starters, the Digital Transformation of Language Training Infographic explores how online learning is revolutionizing education across the world. Growth in the market is reaching an exponential rate, while costs to businesses are decreasing compared to traditional training models.

But where is this growth coming from? The infographic then digs deeper; it examines which kinds of businesses and organizations are leveraging eLearning for their corporate education goals. Quite a few of those organizations are the most successful companies on the globe.

And what role does language learning play in these businesses? A considerable majority—79 percent—of our respondents said language skills are crucial for business success. It’s only logical to consider that the growth of online learning will make language learning easier and more robust for everyone seeking to improve their business aspects.

Furthermore, the infographic presents a comparison of traditional, in-person learning and eLearning. As the options for eLearning advance, so do will the effectiveness for learners and the role it will play in global education.

Rosetta Stone’s vision of the future is that language learners will be able to use the always-on, convenient nature of online learning to access training that is partially delivered via native-speaking tutors.

The good news is that this future has already arrived and is ready to help every business with international aspirations prepare their workforce for the coming language and cultural challenges. Workflows can be more efficient. More deals can be closed. And employees can feel more engaged with their employers and their work.

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