The Current State of Sales Training Infographic


The Current State of Sales Training Infographic

The numbers don’t lie: sales training, as it is today, is not working.  So what does sales training look like today anyway?

eLearning Industry reports that 47% of training hours were delivered by instructor led classroom only setting – believe it or not, this number increased 3% as compared to previous year. The yearly spend on sales training is increasing year over year, too. American companies are spending about $20 billion a year on sales training.

The effectiveness of these programs, however, is suffering. In a recent poll conducted by CSO Insights, only 50% of companies said their product training is meeting or exceeding expectations. Sales skills, messaging, and customer acumen training fared no better.

As The Current State of Sales Training Infographic clearly illustrates, the current state of sales training is not a pretty picture. But is there a light at the end of the tunnel?

Yes! While it will take a blend of people, technology, and process to fully realize Sales Training 2.0, incorporating mobile is an immediate way to change the downward trends we’re seeing in sales training ROI. Content is the currency for the modern organization – and a large part of any training program, in the classroom or online – which makes a mobile-enabled content strategy essential.

Learn more about how to maximize your content value, and read 16 eye-opening stats that will change the way you think about sales training.

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