Creative Mobile App Development - Mobile And Web Solutions Infographic

Creative Mobile App Development - Mobile And Web Solutions Infographic

Creative Mobile App Development – Mobile And Web Solutions Infographic

Let's look at the following information:

Mobile App Revenue

Over 268 billion app downloads will be made by 2017.

Growth Areas

1. Enterprise Mobility Is Growing

  • Enterprise mobile app and service revenue to hit $430 billion in 2021.
  • 60% of workers use apps for work-related activity.
  • 47% of companies improved their internal communication with mobile apps.

2. Clear Growth In Healthcare Apps

  • Revenue to reach $26 billion by 2017.
  • 80% of physicians use apps to do professional duties.
  • Mobile fitness apps are growing in popularity.

Fun Facts

The mobility of the device makes the apps accessible and acceptable to use at all times.

  • 48% agree that it is OK to use a mobile phone in the toilet.
  • 35% sleep with their mobile device. Sleep apps are gaining popularity.
  • 70% use their mobile phones during a meal. 51% users order and review food using delivery apps.

Mobile App Trends For 2017

  • Location Based Apps.
    Offer users deals based on location and vicinity to your business, Real-time promotions based on their proximity to the business.
  • Augmented Reality Apps.
    Reach millennial audiences in a highly engaging way. Give users a sense of hyper-reality.
  • Artificial Intelligence Apps.
    Apps that can learn your preferences. Can make recommendations for you based on your behavior.
  • IOT Apps.
    Household items being controlled using your mobile device. New ways to automate your new life.
  • Increased Cyber Security.
    Developers are taking extra precaution as we store more personal information on our devices. Increase in an end to end encryption.
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