5 Statistics To Prove Why The Corporate Workplace Loves Microlearning

5 Statistics To Prove Why The Corporate Workplace Loves Microlearning - Infographic

Delivering content through bite-sized microlearning nuggets eases content delivery and consumption. But why should the corporate workplace adopt microlearning? Check these eye opening stats.

  1. Reduces Cost of Training
    • Rapid development is possible with microlearning modules.
    • Microlearning content can be developed 300% faster than traditional eLearning courses.
    • It's easier to translate short modules and accordingly, the cost of translation is reduced.
  2. Improves Knowledge Retention
    • Microlearning makes it easier to implement spaced repetition and this improves information retention.
    • Learning interventions in the form of microlearning modules help employees beat the forgetting curve.
  3. Boosts Application of Knowledge
    • Microlearnng is perfect to engage learners in regular practice, or provide just-in-time learning¬† that in turn boosts learner's performance.
    • Microlearning modules can be made available to learners, exactly at their time of need, providing performance support.
  4. Enhances Learner Engagement
    • Research has proven that employees are more engaged when learning is provided in short bursts that last up to a maximum duration of 7 to 11 minutes.
    • Various formats of content delivery such as videos, infographics, animations, and simulations can be used in microlearning to make learning engaging.
  5. Contributes to In-depth Learning
    • Training completion rates are more likely to improve with shorter learning modules.
    • Microlearning makes it easier to provide performance support which enables learners to make real-time decisions required in their job.
Via: https://blog.commlabindia.com/elearning-design/microlearning-at-workplace-statistics-infographic
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