Converting Lengthy eLearning To Micro-Modules: 5 Quick Tips To Show How

Converting Lengthy eLearning To Micro Modules? 5 Quick Tips To Show How

Converting Lengthy eLearning To Micro-Modules: 5 Quick Tips To Show How—Infographic

Micro-modules provide just the right information needed to achieve a specific objective. If your organization is planning to convert lengthy eLearning modules to micro ones, this infographic shows you how.

1. Identifying Training Objectives

Identify the main purpose of introducing the modular approach in training. Is it to facilitate behavioral training, address skill-based training or disperse concepts?

2. Evaluating Existing Lengthy Modules

Narrow down on "need-to-know" content and cut down the fluff. Identify the content or topic that can be presented in a microlearning format. Doing so reduces the length and presents content in more effective ways (e.g., videos, infographics, etc.).

3. Choosing The Right Authoring Tool

It is critical for the effective migration of lengthy eLearning to micro-modules. For mobile-compatible micro-modules, pick an authoring tool that supports HTML5 output. For instance, you can pick from authoring tools such as Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, Lectora Inspire or iSpring.

4. Presenting Information In Short Segments

Busy employees are more likely to complete a 10-minutes micro-module than a 3-hour course. This implies sticking to one learning objective per module. You can edit lengthy sentences in eLearning to make them crisp and short. How?

  • Deleting the less important lines or even paragraphs
  • Conveying the gist of paragraphs
  • Excluding the "nice-to-know" information
  • Offering links to resources for additional information

5. Developing Micro-Modules

As a stakeholder, you need to be involved in the development process, too. Provide inputs on what works well and what doesn't for your employees. Do a thorough review and provide timely feedback, helping developers meet your training needs. Some microlearning formats to use are infographics, videos, flow charts, animations and much more.

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