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Colleges of New York State Infographic

Colleges of New York State Infographic

Applying for college? Living in the state of New York? The Colleges of New York State Infographic lists and describes a number of notable colleges in detail to aid in your decision-making process. The biggest challenge about picking a school to attend is finding out what makes them special — what will resonate with you while you’re there? If there is a particular field you are interested in, why not go to the leading school in the field in the whole state? Whether it’s a technical school, a research university, a community college, or a religious school — you need to make sure that it will work for you!

Via: www.sefcu.com

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  • What?! There are many SUNY and CUNY schools absolutely left out of this infographic. What’s up with that?
    (SUNY Adirondack and SUNY College at New Paltz grad here.)