College Student Storage Tips Infographic

College Student Storage Tips Infographic

College Student Storage Tips Infographic

The College Student Storage Tips Infographic is designed for college students dealing with moving home or staying at college during the summer. It gives moving and storage tips for students who are moving this time of the year across the country and need to decide whether or not its better to store or move their possessions.

How College Students Should Store Their Stuff

How you can cut costs

  1. Book Early
    Summer is peak season, especially in college towns. The earlier you book, the better price.
  2. Student Discounts
    Call around to find student discounts, and negotiate the rate.
  3. Split It
    Consider splitting a large space with a friend.
  4. Fill it up
    Pack efficiently and you won't pay for space your don't need.

How much space you need

  1. Freshman
    A 5x5 unit has room for a dozen boxes, desk, chair and a lamp.
  2. Sophomore
    A 5x10 has space for everything in a 5x5, plus a mattress and a box spring.
  3. Junior
    A 5X15 should be enough for the contents of a studio apartment.
  4. Senior
    A 10x10 unit has room for a bed-room and living room set, a kitchen table, and plenty of boxes.

How College Students Can Pack Like A Boss

  1. Pack Backwards
    Any items you'll need access to should be at the front of your unit. This mean packing your vehicle backwards, with the high use items furthest back in your van or truck.
  2. Fill Every Box
    Filling each box will prevent the sides or top from being crushed. Fill open spaces with crumpled paper or bubble-wrap.
  3. Don't Be A Hero
    Pack heavy items into small boxes and lighter objects into large ones. Don't make boxes too heavy to move.
  4. Stacks On Stacks
    Using similar sized boxes will help with stacking. Make sure to put heavy items on the bottom.
  5. Respect Your Books
    Stack books instead of standing them end on end to protect their spines. Pack books into heavy-duty boxes.
  6. Woah It's HOT
    If you live somewhere that gets particularly hot or humid, think about a climate controlled unit for temperature sensitive items like books, electronics, and clothes.
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